With over 2 million square feet of commercial properties managed,
we are experts in commercial real estate.

Our experience and focus on clients makes us valuable partners in maintaining your property assets and your bottom line. The team at Focus, has been involved in every aspect of real estate including acquisition, entitlement, management, and disposition. We also have extensive experience with leasing, tenant improvements, lease negotiation and investment sales.


Our Landlord relationships are built through open communication and professional service. 40 plus years of combined management experience enables us to give solid advice to help protect and leverage your investment in the property. We provide timely collection of rents and fees, site visits, maintenance management, financial reports and more. Find out more.


We increase tenant success and add value to landlord properties. Happy tenants make happy landlords! Successful tenants pay their rent on time and are more likely to renew leases, cutting the costs of replacing tenants and increasing stability and profitability for property owners. We have relationships with national, and regional tenants who have locations throughout the state and nation. We also work with “Mom and Pop” tenants who have one or a few locations with long-term success. Find out more.


We have built relationships with professional competitive vendors and service providers that do quality work. With the volume of properties we serve and the relationships we have built, we can command competitive rates and priority service. Our experience helps us make smart decisions on maintenance, repair and replacement issues.


“Jerry and Lecia of Focus Real Estate Services were selected for our office property in Phoenix and have performed very well for us. They work well together and are on top of matters with very prompt handling and reporting…creative and practical as well!”
— Miles H